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Level 3 Processing

Could your business benefit by tapping into the large ticket purchases of large corporations and government agencies?


In today’s world of digital commerce these organizations are more frequently paying their invoices by credit card, which means those suppliers processing with Level 3 systems can capture a larger piece of the market.

Benefits Include:

• Reduce Processing Costs

• Improve Reporting

• Decrease Chargebacks and Fraud

• Shorten Receivables Cycles and

  Improve Cash Flow

• Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry

Decrease Chargebacks & Improve Purchase Tracking


Corporate and Purchasing Card transactions are priced differently from consumer credit card transactions and merchants who process with Level 3 systems can realize

substantial savings even with Card-Not-Present transactions.


This method of processing passes the line item information on their invoices to Visa and MasterCard’s authorization system along with their customer’s credit card information, and in doing so, greatly decreases chargebacks and improves the tracking of purchases.

ABS can help integrate Level 3 (L3) transactions into Billing, Accounting and ERP systems to eliminate manual entry of line item detail. We can also provide hosted solutions to quickly and easily allow your organization to begin processing these specialized transactions.
Let ABS Assist You
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