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Selecting the right payment processing partner is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a business owner.

ABS specializes in serving numerous industries:

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No Need to Switch Banks


Our goal is to alleviate the stress related to accepting debit and credit card payments and expedite the switch of payment processing providers fast and efficiently – we take care of everything! Take solace in keeping the bank you’re currently with now as Alternative Banking Solutions works with all Canadian financial institutions.


No Hidden Fees & Transparent Pricing


It’s just the right thing to do and the way we’ve always conducted the way we process debit and credit card payments. We’re 100% Transparent and guarantee the rate you’re quoted will be the rate that appears on your monthly statement.

Stress Free Seamless Transition


An ABS representative will be assigned to your organization and will be with you throughout the entire process of attaining and setting up your merchant account as well as your appropriate wireless and/or countertop point-of-sale terminal.


Best-in-Class Support


Do you have a question about POS Chip Technology or your point of sale terminal on a Saturday? Contact us! Alternative Banking Solutions provides customers with round-the-clock, seven days per week service and responsive technical support.


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