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credit card refunds due to COVID-19

Our Clients Save Thousands a Year with Net Processing!
Benefits at a Glance
  • Net Processing - Net Processing means that your fees are calculated on your net sales, not your total sales, so you don't pay the discount rate on refunds! See the table on the right for an example.

  • EMV 3D Secure - Shifts liability to the banks and away from the merchant for fraudulent online transactions.

  • Better service and lower fees when dealing with international clients -Dynamic Currency Conversion offers a better service to your international clients while generating additional revenue through our revenue share program.

  • Streamline and save time with Fusebox which integrates with the most popular hotel operations software currently in use.

  • Lower Fees mean you can start saving money on every transaction from day one.

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How Net processing works

Net processing means that your fees will be calculated on the second highlighted number rather than the first.  
New Table.png
This means that you only pay the interchange rate on the amount that your business actually gets to keep and not on any amount that is refunded.  
Tired of having ALL of the fees with NONE of the sales?

Experience matters

At Alternative Banking Solutions, we have over 20 years of experience. We cater to hotels across Canada, giving us the experience your business deserves, 
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